At the Bogota Audiovisual Market last year, the website granted an award to a Bammer to produce the pilot of her web series. The result is already tangible: Intocables, a repertoire of stories about the body as a stage for endless battles.

For several years, Shock has been present at the BAM looking for fresh audiovisual talents and proposals that connect with new audiences and the realities of the digital sphere. That is exactly what they found in Michelle Lamus, a graduate of the Universidad de Manizales. This young content creator sold her daring, sensory project that speaks plainly, without prudery, and makes use of social networks to build new stories about the body as a territory.

The first chapter of Intocables ( addresses that set of components that make up the human being as a political tool. It also deals with performance as a form of pop communication that is contrarian and rebellious. The episode covers the skin and the work of the artist Nadia Granados ( Four more chapters will follow with provocative stories and suggestive images of other bodies inhabited and resignified within a society in which nudity—so inherent to life—can disturb and even be construed as sin.

Juan Pablo Castiblanco, editor of Shock, said: "Bammers is the ideal space for us to discover content that speaks to our audience, content generated by our own audience. Here we find the perfect pitch in which young people are actually talking, along with their concerns and struggles. It is also the means by which Shock fulfills its desire to constantly renew its language while maintaining its essence."

The alternative gaze offered by Michelle Lamus and her producer Mudra Films found an opportunity to enter into the dynamics of the audiovisual industry at the BAM, finding funding to launch their series and continue telling stories that lead society to rethink the unusual and the unknown. In the words of this barely 25-year-old director, "The BAM helps you land your ideas in terms of distribution. It helps you understand how to make projects profitable and how to make a living from cinema. It gives you strategies to make your projects visible and bankable.

The ninth edition of the Bogota Audiovisual Market will be held in July 2018. The open call for new talents in the audiovisual industry between the ages of 22 and 27 years who want to be part of the bammers program and have access to exclusive activities and training, as well as the option to access the market and its multiple activities will be open until March 15.


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Premios BAM 2018

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Registration Open for BAM 2018

Now you can turn on your #BAMmode and be part of a marketplace full of opportunities

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