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The reflections of our personality

What if your biggest fear is in your reflection?

Flowers in the garden is the story of Juliana, a lawyer who is about to succeed in her career when she learns of the death of her father, who has left her a lot of debt and a house of which she is the sole heiress. Upon arriving to this place to put it on sale, she realizes that there are two girls living there who claim to be daughters of their same father; and being helpless, she is forced to take care of them as an excuse to not lose the property and then being able to sell it. Throughout this process, a dispute will arise between the three of them over the territory, leading her to understand that these girls are a reflection of their personality, created to deal with the physical, psychological and sexual abuse they suffered from their father.

This project, directed by Irene Romero and produced by Catalina Rodríguez Ramos, is a work done by women and for women. At the BAM, they seek the opportunity to link national and international co-producers of OTT and television platforms, investors or donors, curators and festival representatives in order to develop and materialize this project.