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Will they ever come back?

"It is a film that deserves to be told, deserves to be seen and that hopefully can open and touch the emotions of the audience".

After films such as "Chocó" and "Candelaria", the production company Antorcha Films bets on "Will they ever come back?" a road movie that narrates the search of two sisters for their disappeared father in the region of Cauca, 27 years ago. This path will be immersed in the Afro-descendant and indigenous world, which will show the complexity and spirituality of the Nasa community, that inhabits the north of Cauca. Thus, it aims to tell aspects about enforced disappearance and the land conflict in Colombia, addressed from a personal history and that will transcend a much larger collective dimension. One that many don't know; or perhaps, they rather not see.

Jhonny Hendrix, producer of the film, is looking for co-producers to help the project grow. He aims to reach not only human rights stakeholders but a community of young people seeking generational change. To do this, he presents a disruptive sound and visual discourse, and a narrative linked to suspense that traps the viewer, without diminishing the importance of the subject treated.