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Blood on your hands

"We want to become the Dago Garcia of horror films and thrillers"

With Alejandro Zapata as one of the producers, which has projects such as "Las tetas de mi madre" and now with Marco Vélez in 2/4 productions, with "Fuera del tiempo" or "De levante". "Blood on your hands" tells the following story:

"Fleeing for mysterious reasons, married woman Ana Maria and her boyfriend Fidel desperately try to cross the incredibly warm and humid Cauca Valley region to reach the Pacific in a car that is constantly about to break".

Independent film, with author’s touches that will appeal to film-lovers and lovers of great authors, both the most recent and the most classic films. It is a project that went through the Cinephilia Screenplay Laboratory and the International Producers Meeting and is now part of BAM Projects.