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"In a world without food, fighting for the last seeds will be the only hope"

The science fiction feature film, directed by Christian Mejía, places us in the near future, where fields and mountains have become arid lands. There is no organic food and the population is hit by a terrible hunger. Colombia is controlled by a powerful group that takes over the production of synthetic food, forcing women to become sowers and men to become soldiers, who sow violence.

Throughout the film we’ll see the story of Alba, a lonely, thieving old sower who helps Lucia, a rebellious young woman, to travel across the barren fields carrying the last organic seeds, while being chased by Damian, a cruel military chief of the OPS zone, who wants the seeds for himself. In this adventure Alba will relive her rebellious past, leading her to confront her son Damian to get Lucia, along with other planters, to escape and bring the seeds to the Oasis which is the last place of fertile land.

This idea arose from the political, social and environmental concerns that Christian and producer Ana Prado have had about the situation that the country has been experiencing for the past three years, the time that they have been developing this multimedia project, because in parallel they are developing a comic from the story.

With their participation at BAM, they hope to find strategic and production partners to reach streaming and OTT platforms, as well as national co-producers for the filming of the project in Antofagasta, Chile.