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Everything will be fine

"Happiness is around the corner, but only the happy is which who is brave and goes out to look for it, there lies freedom"

Perhaps at some point in our lives we have all hated humanity and have taken refuge in the wonderful four-legged furry beings. This case will be the common point between a dog psychologist and a 9-year-old girl, a quantum physics student in college who only trusts her pet. This is the story of "Everything is going to be fine", that will demonstrate the multiple and often confusing ways that we ask for love.

Adriana Romero, writer and director of "Todo va a estar bien", presents a family comedy that gives the viewer the opportunity to feel illusion and hope through the eyes of her characters. Endearing and elaborate people that try to portray the best many ofeelings that as Colombians, we have ever felt.

Vulgar Films, created in 2010 by the initiative of three stage artists from the public university who, together with their playwright ideals and the inclusion of producers and directors, create what they call The Triad of Artistic Creation. This union begins with the creation of projects that are much more solid, viable and transversal in the time that trust and make effective all the experiences and resources that as a house founded in the theater, maintain and take advantage of.