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Yuma, sonic river

"A musical journey through the Magdalena River"

Colombia’s most important river has suffered, throughout its history, numerous man-made environmental disasters. This is just a bit of what Yuma Río Magdalena shows.

Simón Hernández, the director of this documentary tells us the story of Matilde Camacho and Rafael Mora on a river crossing, which starts from the Momposina Depression to the old mouth in Cienaga Grande, to be able to sing at a music festival. In the middle of the trip we will discover the river, its culture and these two folk musicians through their compositions, their emotions, their fears and their longings. During their journey they will find different interpreters, santeros and fishermen with whom they will exchange and know their stories, taking them to live in a myth that is around the tributary where they travel two parallel rivers, that of the life and that of the death.

During her time at the BAM, the producer Liliana Andrade hopes to be able to find allies of national and international private companies to carry out pre-production and filming in the first semester of 2021 and so in the second semester develop the postproduction and release of this wonderful story that shows us music as a bridge of universal communication.